Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird and Interbase on the same machine
Author Daniel Rail

At May 18, 2005, 10:39, Jason Wharton wrote:

> I've worked on this a fair amount and it is somewhat difficult but I have
> not given up yet.
> What really needs to happen is for someone to actually create a decent
> client that knows how to communicate with the different servers. That's the
> job of a client library...

Even having a client library to connect to fbembed.dll?

And, you know as much as we do that Borland will not support Firebird
in the future, even today and as it is going now, you can also say
vice-versa. All of my applications use Firebird exclusively. And, if
there would be a universal client library, most likely it would be a
third-party that would create it.

If in IBO, a programer would be able to select which client library
and also specifying which server the application will be connecting
to, then it should also be a possibility that the parser becomes more
intelligent and only process the keywords for Firebird or Interbase,
and maybe even go further in looking up the version of the database
server and use that to refine the parsing. Although today, most
keywords are common, but as time progresses there will be differences
in the keyword list between Interbase and Firebird and even between

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