Subject RE: [IBO] Default Connection???
Author Jason Wharton
Setting the DefaultConnection of the session has nothing to do with what
class it is. You are dealing with instances of TIB_Connection and they can
be of any decendent class of TIB_Connection.

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Default Connection???
> How can i set the default connection at design time if i have an
> inherited datamodule, and in the ancester class i have a
> TIB_Connection component that is inherited to the descendent class...
> But the ancester class is just an abstract class the really
> instantiated class is the descendent... so this is the one that i must
> configure for the application and i want that this connection (from
> the descendent class) be the default connection in design time without
> the need of add a uses to the unit of the descendent class like if i
> was working with just one connection in my project...
> Thanx in advance and nice work everybody
> Carlos G