Subject IB_Query x IBOQuery - Using fieldbyname
Author HRsoft.hrsoft
IB-6, IBO 4.5ai (registered) - Delphi 7 Pro
Dear Friends

I need to create and open a table, with IB_query, using this:
tmpTabela := TIB_Query.Create(Application);
with tmpTabela do
DataBaseName := Salias;
tmptabela.SQL.Text := 'SELECT SEMAPHOR.ch_sem,SEMAPHOR.nodulo
from SEMAPHOR where CH_SEM = '+quotedStr(SCh_sem);

When the SQL results in one or more fields, after posicioning in the
first record, a command like: tmptabela.fieldbyname('ch_sem').AsString
yelds empty. Why?

When using IBOQuery the result on
tmptabela.fieldbyname('ch_sem').AsString yelds the correct content.
What I need to do to get the correct content of the field, using

Thanks in advance.

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