Subject IBO and Intraweb in multi-thread problem
Author jubaonline
As Jason says I've updated my ISAPI Intraweb program moving all the
rest of tables and query from the forms to the only 1 data-module as
you say. I've tested hardly in local network and then put online.
After half a day I get a crash (6-7 user only just working on 2-3
differnt db): in the data-module I've IB_Session (first in creation
order), IB_Connection, IB_Transaction and all the query e tables.
Interbase server was ok and I can always connect also after the
crash. I you use for debugging the Application Mode and I notice that
Intraweb is not down, because the application respond to my request
till before login check (query on db).

What can be ? What is the propery IB_Session.TimeInterval ? I set it
to 0. Is it a problem with IWServerController.SessionTimeout ?

I use Interbase 6.0 and my ISAPI connect 1 only db based on the user
login. So each group of user use a different db.

I use the IB_Monitor also to check all the interactions and I notice
the problem is in a conflict using the db when accessing in the same
moment. That's why don't happend everytime.

Intraweb for each user session create a new data-module (and so a new
IB_Session and IB_Connection).

I try also to create a unique CriticalSection variable and set it for
Acquire and Release before and a after all db operation. It seems
better, but sometimes crash or get very slow.

IBObject bugs ?

HELP ME please, I'm doing something wrong ?

Intraweb 5.1.3 e D7 , IBO 4.2.I, Interbase 6.01