Subject Re: [IBO] Installing in Delphi 2005 Pro fails
Author Antti Kurenniemi
> At 11:06 PM 10/05/2005 +0300, you wrote:
>>Anything I can do to make this work, or is there another version in the
>>works that would be available soon?
> v.4.5B was released on March 17. Would you please give that a try as a
> clean install? Jason has encountered several hitches with paths in the
> installer, esp. in D2005. We could use the feedback. :-)
> Helen

Thanks, Helen. I just downloaded the installer yesterday, from , and it says on the webpage that
it is supposed to be 4.5B but it looks like it's 4.5Ai inside. The installer
inside the zip file is dated April 11th, but the installer still says it's

The Release Notes document that is installed in th \docs directory says it's
4.5B. Could there be something wrong with the installer?

Antti Kurenniemi