Subject Re: [IBO] Class TIB_ConnectionBar not found
Author Helen Borrie

At 05:01 AM 11/05/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I am a novice in IB objects and Firebird. I try evaluation kit for IBO
>4.5 B. I can't compile any project in tutorials or samples. If I try
>open project I get one or more errors e.g. class TIB_ConnectionBar not
>found, Class TIB_DatasetBar not found, Class TIB_Grid not found etc.
>In enviroment options I have library and browsing path to IBO4\D5 and
>IBO4. I have D5 Pro, but I try it on other computer with D6 - it
>doesn't work too. Can anybody tell me what is wrong?

The problem is most likely to be that Delphi cannot find the path to the
design-time libraries, particularly IBO40VDT_D5.bpl or IBO40VDT_D6.bpl, as
the case may be. But look in your IBO root directory for the names of the
other dpk files, so that you will know the names of the libraries you are
looking for.

Try to search your disk for the BPL versions of these packages; when you
find them, add the found path to your Library Path; then try to check them
in via Components>Install Packages.

Any more problems, report back. These installers have been rather
troublesome around the various versions and editions of Delphi. :-(

If you get REALLY stuck, contact me privately and I'll arrange something
for you to get you going.