Subject Re: [IBO] DatabaseName cannot be blank?
Author Lester Caine
Steve Harp wrote:

> The TIB_Transaction is being shared by both TIB_Connection components.
> Should I use different TIB_Transaction components for each
> TIB_Connection component? If so, why does the TIB_Transaction
> component have IB_Connection, IB_Connection1, and IB_Connection2
> properties?

Not the way to do it ;)
The three IB_Connection allow multiple databases to be synchronised via
the one transaction. While we can't query multiple databases, we can
commit or rollback based the activity on more than one database, so that
an update will only be allowed where ALL databases are committed.
( Now what was this called :( )
So if you are doing DIFFERENT tings on the two connections - the
different TIB_Transaction 's

> How do I go about getting the callstack for you?
What are you using to develop? The quickest way is to breakpoint a
problem and look at the debugger.

Lester Caine
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