Subject Re: [IBO] DatabaseName cannot be blank?
Author Daniel Rail

At May 5, 2005, 12:14, Lester Caine wrote:

> The three IB_Connection allow multiple databases to be synchronised via
> the one transaction. While we can't query multiple databases, we can
> commit or rollback based the activity on more than one database, so that
> an update will only be allowed where ALL databases are committed.
> ( Now what was this called :( )

I think you're looking for two phase commit.

>> How do I go about getting the callstack for you?
> What are you using to develop? The quickest way is to breakpoint a
> problem and look at the debugger.

Or the way I do it, I use MadExcept( to handle the
exceptions and return the call stack(it's very useful since the client
can send me a bug report along with a call stack, via e-mail)

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