Subject Re: [IBO] DatabaseName cannot be blank?
Author Steve Harp
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> > I may have fixed it. All I did was move the 2nd TIB_Connection
> > component to a different data module. Apparently, when 2
> > TIB_Connection components are in the same data module, things get
> > confused. Sounds like a bug to me.
> If you feel it is a bug I'd like to see a little sample app that
> demonstrates it. My hunch is you have a transaction that is wired
to both
> connection components somehow and it is actually trying to open the
> connection. Any chance you could at least get the callstack on that
> exception so we can see what chain of events leads up to the attempted
> connection of the second connection component?

The TIB_Transaction is being shared by both TIB_Connection components.
Should I use different TIB_Transaction components for each
TIB_Connection component? If so, why does the TIB_Transaction
component have IB_Connection, IB_Connection1, and IB_Connection2

How do I go about getting the callstack for you?