Subject Re: [IBO] BLOB is not refreshing
Author stephanmtb
I had the same problem with 4.3a a while ago but setting Keylinks up
properly solved it, also check the update,insert and delete SQL to
make sure they are using the same key as the keylinks. Jason was
working on some kind of bug fix for it and maybe even made it worse
in the current release??. From what I have found KeyLinksAutoDefine
only works for SELECT * FROM TABLE and any thing else needs keylinks
defined. If you still can't get the blobs working a quick fix is to
get and set them with a DSQL using streams.
Stephan Anderson

--- In, "aleskahanek" <akahanek@s...>
> Hi Helen,
> I have the same trouble even if keylinks, generator links and other
> stuff is set up properly . I am still using the Ai version.
> Ales Kahanek
> >
> > I got a different result with native components, not correctable
> either by
> > calling Last or by scrolling to top/bottom. However, I think
> has more
> > to do with the fact that the set has no KeyLinks. In IBO terms,
> it's not
> > an updatable set.
> >
> > If you are interested, you could explore further (with the
> > components), by altering the SQL so that the PK is in the set,
> KeyLinks are
> > properly set and the PK for the Insert (i.e. Append) is taken
> of with
> > a generator and GeneratorLinks.
> >
> > Helen