Subject Re: [IBO] BLOB is not refreshing
Author aleskahanek
Hi Helen,
I have the same trouble even if keylinks, generator links and other
stuff is set up properly . I am still using the Ai version.
Ales Kahanek

> I got a different result with native components, not correctable
either by
> calling Last or by scrolling to top/bottom. However, I think that
has more
> to do with the fact that the set has no KeyLinks. In IBO terms,
it's not
> an updatable set.
> If you are interested, you could explore further (with the native
> components), by altering the SQL so that the PK is in the set,
KeyLinks are
> properly set and the PK for the Insert (i.e. Append) is taken care
of with
> a generator and GeneratorLinks.
> Helen