Subject RE: [IBO] BLOB is not refreshing
Author Jason Wharton
I downloaded this sample app and took a quick peek.
There definitely is something amiss here and I'll see if I can get it fixed
Somehow the cancel is not being recognized by the TBlobField.


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> Subject: Re: [IBO] BLOB is not refreshing
> Hi,
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> Subject: Re: [IBO] BLOB is not refreshing
> > I don't blame you for being confused! AsString can be used
> to *write* a
> > new value into a text blob.
> >
> > However, a text blob is not a string, so you can't just
> read a blob value
> > "AsString" and display it as a string. What you are
> seeing, as you work
> > your way backwards through the buffer, is simply the last
> string that was
> > held in that particular slot in the FieldValues array. The
> code in your
> > loop can't change it, so it continues to be the same string.
> >
> > Typically, in order to get at the content of a text blob.
> you read the blob
> > into a TStream and then use an assignment method to assign
> the stream to a
> > TStrings object, e.g. a TStringList or the Lines property
> of a TMemo. To
> > read the strings of a stringlist as one string, refer to
> the object's Text
> > property.
> >
> > Helen
> but in my previous e-mail, it was only simple example. In
> fact, I have IBOQuery, DBGrid, DBMemo and I am editing text
> in DBMemo component. I call IBOQuery.Append, then I write
> something into DBMemo, then I call IBOQuery.Cancel and then,
> when I am scrolling DBGrid, attached DBMemo shows still the
> text, that I wrote into DBMemo.
> Here is the small test application
> If you want, try it. After you run this application, click on
> the Open button, then click on the Append button, then write
> something into DBMemo, then click on the Cancel button and
> then scroll DBGrid.
> I tried it also with "native IBO" components (IB_Query,
> IB_Memo etc.) and the result was the same.
> Thank you
> Petr