Subject Disabling controls and master-detail relationships
Author Christian G├╝tter

I would like to discuss a little problem I have.

Imagine the following situation: my users are browsing a dataset with
serveral hundred records. They should be able to navigate through the
records one by one, but there is also a button which enables the users
to jump to the "next interesting record". In this case, the dataset is
traversed until the "next interesting record" shows up.

When the dataset is traversed, I would like to disable the controls
(traversal works faster then, no flickering).
Normally, I would do this using Dataset.DisableControls, but in this
case, it does not work, because my dataset is master in a
master-detail-relationship. After having called DisableControls, the
detail set is no longer notified when the master changes.
As I have to check some field values of the detail dataset when the
records are traversed, DisableControls is no option for me.

So I wonder what else I can do. Perhaps I can automatically fetch all
records of the master dataset and then only traverse the dataset
buffers using BufferNext, BufferBookmark and so on. When an
interesting record is found, I could set the current row of the
dataset to the buffer row. This would work quickly and without
flickering, but I am wondering wether detail datasets are notified
when a master dataset's BufferRowNum is changed by eg. by BufferNext.
Can someone confirm this?

Or can you propose a different approach to this problem?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

With kind regards,