Subject Pessimistic Record Locking
Author Matt Nielsen
I have a system that has a high probability of two users editing a
record at the same time so I need to implement Pessimistic Locking so
that when one user goes into edit mode it prevents other users from
editing unti the first user commits their changes. However, I am using
CachedUpdates, good or bad that is what we are using and I cannot
easily change that at this point do I don't want to argue that point.
I just need a way to do pessimistic locking with my existing
cachedupdates and my TIBOQuery objects.

I've looked at the IBO code and everything gets skipped when you use
cachedupdates, how can I bypass the IBO internals and lock my record.

BTW I want to move away from cachedupdates but I have over 200 queries
right now using it and I can't deal with the side effects of turning it
off right now.