Subject IBO4.5 B Building Packages error
Author colincoleman2002
Hi Jason,

We have downloaded the 4.5B version Full.exe and couldnt find the
TDataset components, so we uninstalled it and then Downloaded the 4.5B file, Having read the How to install text file we set about
building the packages, and all went fine till we got to the
IBO40VRT_D7.dpk Package that reported that the ZLIB.pas file was
already defined in the "rtl" package, I commented out the line "ZLIB
in 'ZLIB.pas' in the package and it seems to compile and install ok.

Should i expect a problem with this later on?

As we only use the Tdataset components Do i need to compile and
install all the packages in the how to install list?

Ps your fix for Tfields not being cleared in the Tdataset components
seems to work great now.....Thanks