Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery (rewritten)
Author Mark Pickersgill
To force your app to use the fbclient.dll in your application's path,
create an empty file of the same name as the exe, with a .local
extension. eg:

From memory, win2k+ may not look at the local application path first to
load has some other weird and wonderous path it takes
(particularly if the dll is setup as a shared DLL).

However, given your comment about even replacing the file in the
system32 path, I can only suggest doing a thorough search of your entire
drive for any gds32.dll or fbclient.dll files and figure out which
should be where.

My suggestion would be to:
- leave the IB 7.5 client library (gds32.dll) in the system path
- use the fbclient.dll method as Daniel Rail explained for the Firebird
- use the .local file trick to force your firebird application to look
at the fbclient.dll in your application's path.


willy_metra wrote:

>i've decided to rewrite my question and to ask you once more.
>I have a machine with IB 7.5 server and client installed,
>there's a IB client library in system path located.
>Now i'm trying to run IBO application with FB client library in
>app path, which connects to REMOTE firebird server.
>And here comes the mystery: app won't run, even if i put FB client
>in system path.
>Have you any suggestions, please?
>P.S. To connect FB database, i'm specifying in TIB_Connection:
>DatabaseName (hostname:drive:\dir\dbname.fdb)
>Is it allright, please?
>Thank you.