Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery
Author Martijn Tonies
> >Thank you very much for your replies, Helen and Thomas!
> >
> > > Alternatively, have your on-site installer install the correct client
> > > version into the system32 directory. Always check the property sheet
> > > of your gds32.dll file to verify that you have the correct version
> > > for the server.
> >
> >This is only alternative, when it's only one db engine used on one
> >machine (InterBase only or FireBird only), right?
> >
> >I have to run apps with access to both engines on the same machine,
> This sounds pretty scary. One app accessing two different database
> simultaneously?

Oh, it happens ;-)

Seriously, one of my apps uses Firebird embedded and can connect
to InterBase via IBO.

Of course, as IBO does not yet support binding to a client library
on a per TIB_Connection basis, this resulted into problems. Luckily,
I could work around the problem ...

And, Database Workbench does this as well ;-)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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