Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:23 AM 5/04/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>Thank you very much for your replies, Helen and Thomas!
> > Alternatively, have your on-site installer install the correct client
> > version into the system32 directory. Always check the property sheet
> > of your gds32.dll file to verify that you have the correct version
> > for the server.
>This is only alternative, when it's only one db engine used on one
>machine (InterBase only or FireBird only), right?
>I have to run apps with access to both engines on the same machine,

This sounds pretty scary. One app accessing two different database engines

>i have only the first possibility (app path based library), right?

Impossible to tell. You seem to be describing something that should not be
done at all.

> > Everything goes fine, except i have installed IB7 engine on the
> > machine, then firebird library won't run from app path and even from
> > system path.

Of course not. There is no mystery there. Your app needs the IB7 client
to access an IB 7 database on an IB 7 server.

>And what about my "mystery", please? Have you any ideas, please?

The main "mystery" to me is your apparent persistent belief that the IB7
and Firebird 1.5 client libraries and servers are interchangeable. Please
don't fall into the trap of thinking that, because IBO (your application
data access layer) supports both IB 7 and Fb 1.5, that it can somehow,
magically, make them "the same". They are two entirely different software

Build Firebird databases for Firebird; build IB7 databases for IB7; if
you can, build apps that can work with either platform, according to site
requirements; and MAKE SURE that, in use, clients use the correct API
library for the server and databases that they connect to.