Subject Re: [IBO] Client library mystery
Author willy_metra
Dear Helen,

oooooppppppsssss, i have expressed myself wrong way, i'm sorry.

I do NOT interchange these dbs! Absolutely NOT!

I have to run several apps (each app access only ONE! database)
accessing InterBase or FireBird (separately) on one machine.

> Alternatively, have your on-site installer install the correct
> client version into the system32 directory. Always check the
> property sheet of your gds32.dll file to verify that you have the
> correct version for the server.

You mean to check and if needed to overwite, client library in system
every application start-up, please?

> Everything goes fine, except i have installed IB7 engine on the
> machine, then firebird library won't run from app path and even from
> system path.

This mean i have IB7 client installed on the machine (v.7 client
library in the system) and fb client in app path, and it won't run!
(even if i put fb client in the system too, (replacing IB7 client))
I'm accessing FB server, of course.

Thank you for any response.