Subject Syncronize two databases
Author Enrico Cima
Dear Group,
I'm asking Your help about the sitatuion I will try to show You very quickly:


b) CLIENTS in other places with each one a PART of the GLOBAL DATABASE. (no connection to the GLOBAL DATABASE during the normal operation of the clients).

c) Each clients has to be syncronized with the GLOBAL database sending all the modified information on the clients and retrieving only the ones for the clients itself. Connection to be made for example one a day.

Hope is clear. Any simple suggestion?

SYBASE has some particular routines that do this, but I'm normally making my study tests with IBO.

I'm still using IBO 4.2Ie. (Not yer tried new version 4.5 Ai)

Thanks a lot for Your usual help to everyone!

Enrico Cima

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