Subject Re: [IBO] Syncronize two databases
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:12 PM 3/04/2005 +0200, you wrote:

>Dear Group,
>I'm asking Your help about the sitatuion I will try to show You very quickly:
>b) CLIENTS in other places with each one a PART of the GLOBAL DATABASE.
>(no connection to the GLOBAL DATABASE during the normal operation of the
>c) Each clients has to be syncronized with the GLOBAL database sending all
>the modified information on the clients and retrieving only the ones for
>the clients itself. Connection to be made for example one a day.
>Hope is clear. Any simple suggestion?

Simple? No. The process you are describing is replication and it is not

>SYBASE has some particular routines that do this, but I'm normally making
>my study tests with IBO.

Sybase ships with a replication server. For Firebird and InterBase you
either purchase a replication product (such as IBReplicator) or you "roll
your own".

There are some white papers by Vince Duggan (one of the original authors of
IBReplicator) here, which will help you to understand the component parts
of a replication system:

IBO has its own components for building a one-way replication service. For
two-way replication, one would build two services - one to replicate
changes from your satellite databases to the global one and another to
collect all of the changes and replicate those back to the
satellites. There is on-line help describing the mechanics of this, here:

It's recommended that you really get your head around the issues involved
in building databases that can be synchronised, before you set out to build
a replication service. Unique keys for tables, for example, are a major

If Alan McDonald is watching, he will be able to direct you to another
replicator project - open source, I think - that he revived last year.

>I'm still using IBO 4.2Ie. (Not yer tried new version 4.5 Ai)

I don't think IBO_RPL has changed since IBO 4.2.