Subject TIBOQuery & CachedUpdates - Insert not working
Author Eyal

I'm trying to use a simple (TDataset compatible) query with
CachedUpdates, but I can't get it to work.

I try:


But nothing gets written to the table.

Some interesting notes:

1. Immediately after the insert I placed "IF Query.UpdatesPending THEN
Beep" - but UpdatesPending is FALSE! How can that be if I've just
inserted a record?

2. I tried tracing into the ApplyUpdates code (had to purchase IBO to
get sources even though my app isn't ready). At some point the code
calls CheckBrowsMode, which doesn't return to the ApplyUpdates method
but to the Cancel method. This may be a debugger bug, but I really
don't understand what's going on and why.

3. I changed the Query to non-cached and tried to Post instead of
ApplyUpdates - and it works without a problem. This indicates that my
insert statement is ok.

Any ideas?