Subject Re: [IBO] Plan of TIB_Cursor
Author Bjoern Reimer
>> for debug purposes I want to print the execution plan of a query.
>> I've found a plan property in TIBODataset and but not in
>> TIB_Cursor.
>> Is there a way to get the plan for a TIB_Cursor statement?
>> (As it's for debug purposes only I don't want to touch the object
>> type in this situation and it would be very stupid to execute the
>> query again in another component only for getting a plan....)

HB> var
HB> plan: string;
HB> begin
HB> ....
HB> if not ib_cursor1.Prepared then
HB> ib_cursor1..Prepare;
HB> plan := ib_cursor1.StatementPlan;
HB> ...
HB> end

Ah, thank you!


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