Subject RE: [IBO] IOBQuery
Author Jason Wharton
Use the FIRST and SKIP features (of Firebird) or the ROWS feature (for
InterBase) for the select statement such that you are paging the records in
and out of a GRID where you are only pulling in enough records to fill the
grid. Then, instead of dataset navigation bar, make your own that navigates
the pages of records returned for the grid. This way you are always pulling
down all records from the server and releasing the cursor and allowing the
transaction to advance if no other thing is blocking it.

Jason Wharton

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> Hi Jason
> My screen simply displays a grid of data (allowing a user to
> reprint a
> transaction). At sounds like this may have an impact on performance,
> what could I do to minimise this, bearing in mind I dont want to suck
> down all records unless a user scrolls down through the list?
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