Subject RE: import from DBF to Firebird
Author Jason Wharton
> I my DBF file is cca 1,500,000 records. First time I
> need to import it in Firebird. Next time I need to
> import diferent records. I mast compare one by one
> record. This job I execute 1 time on day. How I
> kann do this fastes? I use IBO and Delphi
> 7. Thank's and sorry for my english. Franjo

Write a stored procedure to receive each record from the DBF and then with
it prepared stuff in parameter values and execute over and over for each
record. Inside the stored procedure you will have the code that reacts to
each record as it comes. You can determine if the record is not there and
needs to be inserted of if it is there and needs to be updated. The
trickier part is how to determine which records should be deleted. I
suggest you feed them in a sorted order and simply issue a delete for
records between the last record's sorted key values such that only records
coming in remain. Let me know if you need more details on this part.

You could also use a fixed width text file and just declare it as an
external table and use it directly inside of firebird instead of a stored
procedure and then you may not even have to do the trouble of importing and

PS. Please use the public support forum for these kinds of support requests.

Jason Wharton