Subject Firebird Server check
Author Vahan Yoghoudjian
Hi Group

My 2 questions are related to each other, the first one is about Firebird
and the second one is about IBO tools that's why I'll post my message in
both groups.

1) Firebird: If I'm not mistaken, to check if Firebird is installed on my
machine I have to check if the file fbclient.dll exists on my machine... how
can I check if this dll is registered or not, or if it is registered, it is
in the location it should be?

2) IBO: During the startup of my application I want to check if Firebird is
installed on the machine the application is running, after making sure that
it is installed, do I have a way using IBO tools to check if the server is
running or not? if it is not running, can I run the server within inside my

I'm using IBO 4.5 and Firebird 1.5 with Delphi 6

Thank you in advance for any help
(and sorry for any inconvenience)

Vahan Yoghoudjian

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