Subject Re: [IBO] Definite bug in IB_Grid
Author Bob Zirbel
Thanks for your reply, Lester.

> Is it giving the right right row number for the second line, or
> returning '2' rather than '1'?
The grid row number seems to be correct. It seems to be the
mouseDown X and Y values that are wrong.

I just can't track down where they are generated.

> I'm slowly getting an IBO development system together with the
> source code, but I've a rush on other work just started as well :
( -
> Typical as I've been quiet since Xmas. I suspect that the
> event is right, but because we now have grid rows rather than
> on row 0, any filter on the DblClick event needs modifying in
> conditions. I hope to be able to actually LOOK by next week ;)

I appreciate any help you can give as I cannot release this app
unless this problem is fixed.