Subject Definite bug in IB_Grid
Author Bob Zirbel
Hi all.

I have isolated the following bug in IB_Grid but I can't find the
exact cause. This problem is causing me a lot of grief so I would
appreciate it if anyone can help me fix it.

If IndicateRow is false and IndicateHeadings is false, OnDblClick
does not fire on the first row of an IB_Grid.

I have found that when these two properties are false, the
TIB_CustomGrid.MouseDown (in IB_Grid.pas) procedure receives
incorrect mouse X and Y coordinates when the first row is double-
clicked. These coordinates are converted to grid cell X and Y
values. Because both X and Y are zero, the OnDblClick event does not

I don't have the expertise to determine where the incorrect mouse
coordinates are generated so I am hoping someone can help.