Subject Re: [IBO] Definite bug in IB_Grid
Author Lester Caine
Bob Zirbel wrote:

> I have isolated the following bug in IB_Grid but I can't find the
> exact cause. This problem is causing me a lot of grief so I would
> appreciate it if anyone can help me fix it.
> If IndicateRow is false and IndicateHeadings is false, OnDblClick
> does not fire on the first row of an IB_Grid.

Is it giving the right right row number for the second line, or
returning '2' rather than '1'?

> I have found that when these two properties are false, the
> TIB_CustomGrid.MouseDown (in IB_Grid.pas) procedure receives
> incorrect mouse X and Y coordinates when the first row is double-
> clicked. These coordinates are converted to grid cell X and Y
> values. Because both X and Y are zero, the OnDblClick event does not
> fire.
> I don't have the expertise to determine where the incorrect mouse
> coordinates are generated so I am hoping someone can help.

I'm slowly getting an IBO development system together with the latest
source code, but I've a rush on other work just started as well :( -
Typical as I've been quiet since Xmas. I suspect that the MouseDown
event is right, but because we now have grid rows rather than headings
on row 0, any filter on the DblClick event needs modifying in these
conditions. I hope to be able to actually LOOK by next week ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services