Subject TIB_Export altering the cursor question
Author Steve Sinclair
In comments to TIB_Export it says the following:

It is also possible to perform some alterations to the internal
cursor that is used to perform the export. One example is to exclude
columns in the original dataset from the exported dataset.
Additional selection criteria could be added to reduce the number of
records processed, etc.

My question is regarding this. I have a TIB_Cursor that I am
exporting. However the query brings back the key field of the table
that I want to use that I can flag the load as exported but I don't
want to export this load. I tried various things and can only get
it to work by editing the component and adding a property for a list
of fields to ignore from the export. However I would rather leave
the component alone and do it all in my app. I would welcome any
ideas you may have.

To flag the load as exported I am using the following code:

procedure TdmMain.expCompleteLoadAfterFetchRow(ARow: TIB_Row);
curFlagExported.ParamByName('LOAD_REFERENCE').AsInteger :=

So I need to have the Load_reference in the dataset to do that but I
don't want it exported.