Subject Re: [IBO] Where did the asInt64 go?
Author Lester Caine
rjbelland wrote:

> Ok,
> I see the reason in the release notes:
> "I added the capability to use a TStringField to handle an underlying
> column of type large integer (BIGINT). This is to work around a
> problem with the TDBLookupCombo control using variants to handle the
> values, which fails with largeint types."

Always helps to read the release notes, but another thing to keep in
mind is that updating to the later releases may NOT be a good idea when
things like Builder have not had any updates themselves in years.

I'm still running IBO3 on some systems because the time it would take to
move them forward is not worth the effort :(

Bringing in facilities provided by newer versions of Firebird and Delphi
will start to make compatibility with the older versions of Builder more
difficult. Which is why earlier versions of both Delphi and Builder are
no longer supported.

We just keep our fingers crossed that the new generation of Borland IDE
- 2006 will actually allow Delphi and C++ to play nicely together and
that we do not have to 'cobble' too much in IBO to handle that while
maintaining the compatibility with the older versions.

Lester Caine
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