Subject Re: [IBO] Where did the asInt64 go?
Author rjbelland
Thanks Lester,
I guess what really surprised me was the referencing of an Int64 as
a string! I would never have guessed in a million years :-)


> Always helps to read the release notes, but another thing to keep in
> mind is that updating to the later releases may NOT be a good idea when
> things like Builder have not had any updates themselves in years.
> I'm still running IBO3 on some systems because the time it would
take to
> move them forward is not worth the effort :(
> Bringing in facilities provided by newer versions of Firebird and
> will start to make compatibility with the older versions of Builder
> difficult. Which is why earlier versions of both Delphi and Builder are
> no longer supported.
> We just keep our fingers crossed that the new generation of Borland IDE
> - 2006 will actually allow Delphi and C++ to play nicely together and
> that we do not have to 'cobble' too much in IBO to handle that while
> maintaining the compatibility with the older versions.
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