Subject IBO with pure Firebird environments
Author Ryan Nilsson
I've used the IB_Session_FB15 workaround to get my apps to only use
fbclient.dll in their installs without a problem. Because I do not use
Interbase at all, nor anything below Firebird 1.5 I wanted to remove
gds32.dll from the win\sys32 directory altogether, effectively having
a pure Firebird setup, sans gds32.

My app still compiles and runs without any problems, but when I try to
connect with some IBO component from the IDE, IBO tells me that
GDS32.DLL is not installed.

Does it require modifying IB_Constants.pas IB_GDS32 var to fbclient,
AND THEN a complete re-compile / install of IBO for this to be possible?

I have read the many discussions on the gds32/fbclient issues, the FB
release notes, the FB Win32LibInstall.txt and the relevant chapters in
the Firebird book. I understand the reasons behind gds32 existing, but
if my scenario does not fit any of them (I only have Firebird 1.5/IBO
environments) I got the impression that fbclient could be all I
needed, but not being able to connect in design time is not an option.

I know I'm digging in frustrating & repeated territory, but even if I
have to modify more than just IB_Constants, is it possible?