Subject TDataset basic requirements
Author Tony Masefield
Hi All,

This is probably a bit of an SQ, but if one registers IBOTDataset, does
one require any other secondary components for it to work (for example
IBOCore)? I assume not but this is not explicitly stated.
This question arises because I once attempted to uninstall all the IBO
components ('trial version) other than the TDataset (to help 'spring
clean' my palette) but when I did so TDataset stopped working.

Secondly, along the same lines, if one registers TDataset can one still
keep the IBO core components on the Delphi palette (obviously with the
IBO 'Please register' splash screen if they are used in a project).

I need to get 'up and running' with TDataset (registered) but would
still like to have the opportunity to evaluate the Native IBO at a
later date (acknowledging that when the trial version of IBO is
installed it installs 'everything' and thus the 'registered' tdataset
would be over-written - or maybe not?).