Subject Re: [IBO] TDataset basic requirements
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:25 PM 28/11/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>This is probably a bit of an SQ, but if one registers IBOTDataset, does
>one require any other secondary components for it to work (for example
>IBOCore)? I assume not but this is not explicitly stated.

If you install the TDataset-compatible packages, the core elements are
compiled into the libraries - they don't have to be installed.

>This question arises because I once attempted to uninstall all the IBO
>components ('trial version) other than the TDataset (to help 'spring
>clean' my palette) but when I did so TDataset stopped working.

That's a different thing. the eval version doesn't have all of the source
code (it's removed) and uninstalling the core packages will take out the
compiled objects used by the run-time libraries.

>Secondly, along the same lines, if one registers TDataset can one still
>keep the IBO core components on the Delphi palette (obviously with the
>IBO 'Please register' splash screen if they are used in a project).

Not quite correct. The nag screen appears whenever you try to run an app
outside the IDE that has been compiled from *any* eval version, not just
the core components.

>I need to get 'up and running' with TDataset (registered) but would
>still like to have the opportunity to evaluate the Native IBO at a
>later date (acknowledging that when the trial version of IBO is
>installed it installs 'everything' and thus the 'registered' tdataset
>would be over-written - or maybe not?).

I would not recommend installing a registered version over the top of an
eval installation. I've never known it to work. You should do a clean
install; that is, uninstall all of the IBO libraries (via
Components|Install) *and* go around your hard disk and delete everything
from the eval installation.

And it is completely within the Trustware rules to install all of the IBO
packages in the kit for continuing evaluation, doing new development, etc.
if you want to - you are fully encouraged to do that! It's just not
allowed to deploy apps that use packages you haven't registered. There's
nothing built into the software that will prevent you from cheating on the
licence - you are trusted to do the right thing. That's why it's called