Subject Re: [IBO] Speed over DSL
Author Don Gollahon
Daniel Rail wrote:

> Hi,
> If you don't want to make any changes to your software, I would
> suggest that to use Terminal Services. This would permit your software
> to run on the LAN and at the same time permit the user to connect
> remotely via a fast secured connection. Also, the remote users would
> be able to use their local printers, and even transfer files between
> their local computer and the LAN (this will depend on the remote
> settings and network/user security settings).

I suggested that to the company I'm doing this for. But they don't
want to charge the school for the costs of the 20 or so licenses they
would have to buy for terminal services (there are 25 teachers). I
know this would work and be a piece of cake, I've done it before. But
they want me to see what I could do otherwise.

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