Subject Speed over DSL
Author Don Gollahon
I have a client/server school app written with IBO and using FB 1.5.
It works well on the school's LAN but now some want to access it from
home over the internet. I've tested this and it is extremely slow.
I'm using DSL. What can I do to speed this up? The main screen they
need access to is for grades and is a kind of crosstab table. Data is
read into a kbmMemTable on the client for 30 students and up to 200
fields (containing assignment scores which are integers).

Other screens are not too bad, but the gradebook screen is unacceptably
slow at reading the data in. Over the LAN it can fill the memtable in
about 8 seconds. Over DSL it takes 95 seconds.

Delphi 6 pro, IBO 4.3.Aa.


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