Subject RE: [IBO] Problems with EOF
Author Jason Wharton
> One thing surprises me a little, Lucas. I thought Jason said that we
> should use First with TIB_Cursors and Open with TIB_Queries - have I
> misunderstood, or doesn't it matter?

With a cursor calling First will both open and fetch the first record of the
dataset. If the dataset is already open and you call First it will close
the dataset and open it and fetch the first record. Being a unidirectional
dataset freshly opening the dataset is the only sure way it knows it is
displaying the first record in the dataset. Therefore, if you call Open and
then First with a TIB_Cursor you will actually open, close, open and fetch
first record.

With buffered datasets First will simply take you to the first record in the
buffer and Open will open the dataset and records will be fetched to fill
the buffer as needed. These are two entirely different behavioral ways to
interact with the data and you should carefully bear this in mind as you

Jason Wharton