Subject Re: [IBO] Problems with EOF
Author Lucas Franzen

Svein Erling Tysvær schrieb:
> One thing surprises me a little, Lucas. I thought Jason said that we
> should use First with TIB_Cursors and Open with TIB_Queries - have I
> misunderstood, or doesn't it matter?

Yes this is true.
But nevertheless FIRST is a valid option for a TIB_Query to place it on
the first record (if it's already opened; I'm not sure if it wioll pen
it, since I don't use it) :-)
I just supposed that the query is already open and the pointer might be
at some point of the records.

> Another thing is that I don't quite understand why Pete would use a
> query component, using a TIB_DSQL with an update statement would in my
> opinion be the way to go if the code is as simple as this.

Yes, this is the way I'd do it, too.
I don't like walking through quries and editing them (and in fact if
then I'd have a DisableControls .. EnableControls in a try..finally block).

Let queries show data, and edit data if you have a single record,
otherwise let it be done with TIB_DSQL since it's ways faster (and
easier to code and review) ...