Subject RE: [IBO] Orphaned Statements
Author Jason Wharton
What do you see as an appropriate resolution to this problem?

Do you have any additional insight on this? Shouldn't this be fixed by
InterBase and what does Firebird do in this case?

Jason Wharton

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> While that is correct, the problem is that IB's memory management
> seems overwhelmed by this. Some compile statements take up as much as
> 15MB (that's Megabytes), and once you get to a point of having
> hundreds of orphaned statements, it poses a severe performance
> problem.
> It's plausible to think that IB ought to reuse prepared statement in
> the context of a new transaction, but that doesn't seem to be the case
> -- memory simply grows, and statements remain "STALLED" and orphaned.
> And we have word from IB that this happens only when a statement
> handle is not released prior to releasing the transaction.