Subject Re: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:05 AM 4/11/2005 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi Helen, thanks for your help.
>I already have a "boolean" domain like the examples you said. Sorry I
>didn't mention that before. :-(
>Well, I follow the steps you gave me, and now when I add the
>"booleans" fields in TIBOTable, they were created as TBooleanField.
>That's fine.
>But, when I ran the application, the boolean fields are empty, it
>doesn't show true or false either T or F. Only a blank field. This in
>TDBGrid. If I point this field to a TDBCheckBox, it's always
>Do u know what could be happen?

Unchecked means it's false. (Value is 'F'). I don't know how the VCL
controls handle nulls, but if your domain is nullable then possibly the VCL
controls treat null as false.

>FYI: The translation to brazilian portuguese of 'The Firebird Book' is
>almost ready as I know, in a few weeks it should be in the stores...

Oh, good! I haven't heard a single thing about it.