Subject Converting BDE to IBO
Author Andrei Luís

I'm converting an application that uses BDE + Paradox to IBO +
Firebird. In this particulary application, I will make it works with
TIBO comps, and then I will migrate it to TIB comps definitively.

I see help topic "Converting to IBO Classes", and do that. After
another couple of changes, it's almost working.

My doubt is with my old Boolean fields. With TIB_Query, I can set in
ColumnAttributes property if I want to treat any field as a boolean,
and its true and false value. That's OK. But, is there any way to do
that in TIBO components? Specially whith TIBO_Table, cause this
application uses 90% of this class.

Hope I was clear


W2K + D4 + FB 1.5.2 + IBO 4.5