Subject Re: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Andrei Luís
Hi Alan,

> no the IBO components are TDataset descendants, they have persistent fields
> in the same way that TTable does. Double click on the components to get the
> field list and add all fields. then select the one you want to be boolean
> and set the properties for tru and false values.

I just can't find these properties where I can set tru and false values... :-(
The field at .fdb is a char(1), and in IBOTable its a TStringField...

> tables, then you can bet your life that a lot of the app will be trying to
> drag all rows in the tables off the server when it should be trying to leave
> as many on the server as possible.

Just like BDE / Paradox do. So, my first goal is to stabilize the
application. That I'm sure I'll got with IBO + FB. After that I will
migrate TIBOTables to TIB_Querys. Thanks for the clue.