Subject RE: [IBO] Converting BDE to IBO
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks for your answer Alan,
> > the persistent fields can be set to boolean - just give it the
> true/false
> > values
> You mean a calculated field? I made that and put the necessary code at
> onCalcFields and it works fine.

no the IBO components are TDataset descendants, they have persistent fields
in the same way that TTable does. Double click on the components to get the
field list and add all fields. then select the one you want to be boolean
and set the properties for tru and false values.

> > PS - you've got to get rid of the tables ASAP
> It's only temporary, I'm getting crazy with BDE and Paradox... But
> tell me: is that bad work with TIBO_Tables? Will I have trouble with
> that?
> Thanks,
> Andrei

IBOs TTable implementation is very good - much better than BDE's. But sooner
than later you will need to scope your datasets with WHERE clauses if you
work against any SQL database server for best performance. If you have 90%
tables, then you can bet your life that a lot of the app will be trying to
drag all rows in the tables off the server when it should be trying to leave
as many on the server as possible.