Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Strange error
Author Jason Wharton
SQLPlan is merely a parsed access to the PLAN clause of the SQL property.
Change the SQL setting and SQLPlan changes accordingly. If you change the
SQLPlan property then the SQL property is changed accordingly.

I need a way that you can override the PLAN used on the internal query that
is assembled so that this problem can be avoided. It really should just
remove it and what I recommend you do is go inside IBO's source (let me know
if you are not comfortably doing this) and alter the code so that it wipes
out the SQLPlan prior to preparing the internal cursor that is causing the

Jason Wharton

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> Subject: [IBO] Re: Strange error
> > Ah! don't put the plan in the SQL property, put it in the SQLPlan
> property
> > (or in the Plan property, if you are using TIBOQuery).
> >
> TIBOQuery.Plan is read only. TIBOQuery.SQLPlan is not a design time
> property. I admit that I can stuff the plan in there at run time,
> but if SQL is a design time property shouldn't SQLPlan also?
> > All that said, you are *still* going to get the exception back from
> the
> > engine if you specify a plan that the engine can't use, i.e.
> include a
> > non-existent index, or one that doesn't participate in the
> construction of
> > the streams for the query.
> >
> I can live with that. If I screw up the plan I expect to get an
> error. It is more difficult to live with when the component screws
> it up though.
> > Helen