Subject Re: Strange error
Author Stephen Boyd
> Ah! don't put the plan in the SQL property, put it in the SQLPlan
> (or in the Plan property, if you are using TIBOQuery).

TIBOQuery.Plan is read only. TIBOQuery.SQLPlan is not a design time
property. I admit that I can stuff the plan in there at run time,
but if SQL is a design time property shouldn't SQLPlan also?

> All that said, you are *still* going to get the exception back from
> engine if you specify a plan that the engine can't use, i.e.
include a
> non-existent index, or one that doesn't participate in the
construction of
> the streams for the query.

I can live with that. If I screw up the plan I expect to get an
error. It is more difficult to live with when the component screws
it up though.

> Helen