Subject will timeout forceclosed end an OAT in active state?
Author harrietckm
will the TIBOdatabase timeout forceclosed property close a
transaction in an active state?

We want to let IBObjects manage the transactions for us but we don't
want to leave the transaction open.

We're using TIBOQueries with implicit default transaction and a single

we use a button to force a database->Commit and that does roll the
OAT over but doesn't end the transaction. The transaction sits in a
state of "active".

How can we close the transaction when the app is just sitting there?
We're unhappy to use a timer because want to only measure time when
user is inactive.

In our application we have many tabs with TMS DB string grids and we
use TIBOQueries that have <default> for their IB_Transaction and the
queries are pointing to a single TIBODatabase that has the default
for "DefaultTransaction" and
database.isolation = tiCommit
default properties for database.timeoutproperties

query.pessimistic locking = false
query.commitAction = caInvalidateCursor
query.RequestLive = true

We want the transaction to end but the data to remain visible in the

Do we have to use explicit TIBOTransaction and do manual commits
instead of using the TIBODatabase and have autocommit=true?

What are the settings for the implicit <default> transaction that
TIBODatabase and TIBOQuery have?

THank you.