Subject Refreshing a TIBOQuery SQL Select
Author Tony Masefield
The 'standard' response of a TDataset to the refresh method is "The
Refresh method for a dataset flushes local buffers and refetches data
for an open dataset." - D5 Online help.
Is this true also of the TIBO Query component?
In other words does the refresh method re-fetch the committed data
(assuming autocommit := true) based on the integral SQL select query of
the TIBOQuery?
What I need is to refresh/re-fetch the local buffer of a TIBOQuery
(attached to a TeeGraph) based upon the entry of a new record added to
a second TIBOQuery (which is a log file). Do I need to use refresh or
close then re-open the TIBOQuery attached to the graph to update the
local buffer?