Subject IB 4.5Ai created BPL files in various places
Author fxam
I installed IB 4.5Ai to Delphi 2005 and it creates the BPL files in various

1. "Full Text Search" & "Replication" are here:
c:\program files\borland\bds\3.0\bin\ibo40fts_d2005.bpl

2. Other packages were created in this folder:

3. There are no file created in "c:\ibo4\tools" and "d:\my
documents\Borland Studio
Note: "d:\my documents" is my user's "My Documents"

After installing, and starting Delphi, I checked through "Component,
Install Packages"
and found out that
a) only "Full Text Search" & "Replication" are ticked.
b) the others are not not ticked, since they are pointed to "d:\my
Studio Projects\bpl" which has nothing.
I copied the files from c:\windows\system32\$(bdsprojectsdir)\bpl to fix it.

Is this normal ?