Subject Re: [IBO] IB 4.5Ai created BPL files in various places
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:09 PM 31/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I installed IB 4.5Ai to Delphi 2005 and it creates the BPL files in various
>1. "Full Text Search" & "Replication" are here:
> c:\program files\borland\bds\3.0\bin\ibo40fts_d2005.bpl
>2. Other packages were created in this folder:
> c:\windows\system32\$(bdsprojectsdir)\bpl
>3. There are no file created in "c:\ibo4\tools" and "d:\my
>documents\Borland Studio
> Note: "d:\my documents" is my user's "My Documents"
>After installing, and starting Delphi, I checked through "Component,
>Install Packages"
>and found out that
>a) only "Full Text Search" & "Replication" are ticked.
>b) the others are not not ticked, since they are pointed to "d:\my
>Studio Projects\bpl" which has nothing.
>I copied the files from c:\windows\system32\$(bdsprojectsdir)\bpl to fix it.
>Is this normal ?

It looks like one big mess to me. The scripted installation is still new
enough, so there is no such thing as "normal" about it! I can't offer a
solution for D2005 and/or the interference of Visual Studio with Delphi
because I don't have them.

When I quizzed Jason about the apparent unpredictability of the library
locations, he explained (briefly) that the installer makes the choices for
output files on the basis of the Delphi IDE global library path settings,
if they are configured; otherwise it tries to use the IDE defaults and/or
the system defaults.

For sub-D9 installs, the most likely location of the BPLs is that the
run-time libraries show up in Delphi's bin directory, the design-time and
runtime/designtime bpls show up in the first ..\BPL directory that is in
the path or, if none is found, they go into the Windows system32 directory.

In most cases, it seems that you will need to install your intended IBO
root path into the IDE environment *before* you run the
installer. Currently the installer creates the path you request but it
doesn't write it into the library list.

I don't know whether that helps much. I don't know the algorithms used by
the scripts... They do appear to need work...